Rustic Handmade Cobre Glazed Barro Tea Strainer

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Rustic Handmade Cobre Glazed Barro Tea Strainer
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Tea time!

Make the slow movement part of your afternoon tea ritual with these handmade cobre glazed barro tea strainers. While we don't expect you to go to the same effort to make your cup of tea as the artisan did to make the strainer, we hope you take the time to appreciate the artistry as you use your handmade tropical wood tea scoop to measure out our Ajiri loose leaf tea, place it in the strainer and then watch it do its magic as you pour the hot water through the strainer. 

But we'll forgive you if you're temporarily too moved by the beauty of the tea strainer to focus on anything but the brilliant copper colour. Because, the truth is, your tea strainer is a work of art. Made by a well-respect pottery artisan in Southern Mexico, the piece is sculpted by hand and finished with a traditional green glaze. How did it become copper, you ask? After the piece is fired, it's pulled directly from the kiln and buried in natural sawdust. Don't worry, though, it's completely food safe and can be washed and dried by hand. Warning, though, don't add anything acidic or that beautiful copper will turn it back to green.

Looking for a more simplified tea ritual? Place over any mug, add a teaspoon of loose leaf tea, then pour hot water overtop, with enough hot water covering the bottom to steep the tea further. Enjoy!

Gifting It? Any tea or pottery lover will marvel at the simplicity and beauty of this art piece. Paired with our Ajiri loose leaf Kenyan black tea, tropical wood tea scoop, handmade wood honey dipper and traditional forest honey and you've got the ultimate tea lover's gift pack.

Dimensions: Approximately 4" length x 2.75" wide x 1" deep


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    All of our artisans earn living incomes while building their businesses, preserving their artistry, and reinvesting in their communities.

    This gift was lovingly handcrafted in Mexico. Read more about our artisan partner Hecho

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