Our Story

The Mihailidis Family

Hi there! We're the Mihailidis Family from Toronto, ON, Canada or, as we like to call ourselves, the ABCD family--Alex, Bennett, Christine, and Drew. Oh, and we can't forget our E--Ellie the St. Berdoodle! 

Our family struggled through our own health crisis when my husband, Alex, was hospitalized for the last four months of 2019 after a traumatic fall. When I heard about my friend Alana's youngest son Henry's health challenges, our family could immediately empathize with the seemingly insurmountable stress her and the family were under, and we wanted to help. 

But, of course, Alana wanted to channel all of those offers of support to help others and made it her mission to help SickKids raise $1 million in 2021 to build a family lounge so families like hers and families like ours, would have a place to seek refuge and comfort during one of the lowest and darkest points in their lives. 

So we quickly signed up to be one of the 1000 families challenged to raise $1000 for Project Halo x SickKids Foundation, but we wanted to do something more than just ask people to give money. We wanted the kids to get involved in not only understanding the importance of giving back, but also feeling like they were a key player in raising the money.

Although I decided to close operations of Good Gifts in 2020 to focus on my family and expand corporate leadership consulting and coaching, I hadn't yet closed down the website, so we decided it was the perfect opportunity to repurpose it to start a fundraiser.

We thought long and hard about what we could sell that the whole family could participate in, that was relatively easy to ship (shout out to the west coast supporters who made shipping a necessity!), was something cute that could actually be used, and something that fit with the overall fundraiser. And we think we came up with a pretty great idea!

We hope you agree that our Hearts for Henry Collection fits all of the above criteria. Each of us designed our own heart for the collection and we will all be involved in making the keychains and preparing and sending the orders.

Thank you so much for your support! We thank you. SickKids thanks you. The Kantor family thanks you. And little Henry thank you.