We believe in the art of thoughtful gifting--from how the gift was made to its presentation. The idea of Good Gifts was partially born from the limited choices we had when sending gifts to our loved ones across the country. We either had to buy our gifts locally, wrap them, buy a card, and mail them (often times at an extremely high cost) or order a gift through one of the big online guys, which may offer free shipping, but then would charge to wrap each item even if they were part of the same gift (!). And don't get us started on their 'personalized message' that is printed out on a flimsy piece of paper. Our only other option was to send the gift to someone else who lived in the same city as the recipient and beg ask them to wrap it. Needless to say, the favours started adding up..

And, hence, Good Gifts decided to make the gifting good too.


It's a good time to celebrate. And we've got you covered. Our cards are perfect for any occasion, whether a birthday or engagement or even a new baby.


Depending on the size of the gift, we wrap our gifts in eco-friendly tissue paper that is FSC certified paper with vegetable based inks or recylable kraft paper.


We scoured the globe in search of well-made, sustainably sourced, and eco-friendly gifts. And, of course, they had to look good too.