We know you're a good egg. You want to do good and we're here to help you do just that. By buying your gifts here, you, yes, YOU, are supporting artisans directly. Here are some of the ways you're doing good:


All of our partner organizations are committed to providing opportunities to marginalized populations such as sex traffic survivors ( Destiny Reflection, Freeset, Purpose Jewelry), domestic abuse survivors ( Fair Anita), the deaf population ( Sasa Designs), single mothers (Olivia & Diego, Aptec), indigenous populations (Artesania Sorata), the rural population (Manuela Ramos) and many others to gain valuable work experience.

Read more about our artisan partners. 


In large part due to industrialization and globalization, ancient crafting techniques and traditional production methods are becoming lost arts. Our partners are committed to preserving these traditional cultures, arts, and crafts  including felting ( Silk Road Bazaar, Friends Handicraft), batiking ( Global Mamas), woodcarving ( Hecho, Jedando), weaving ( Sustainable Threads), block printing ( Matr Boomie), and knitting ( Naguska). 


Fair trade and sustainability go hand-in-hand. Fair trade principals promote strong and healthy societies that operate within what the environment can sustain. Our partners are dedicated to ensuring safe workplaces and promote the use of sustainable and environmentally friendly materials including natural dyes, as well as upcycled and recycled materials such as saris, tires, t-shirts, and even discarded bones from the butcher! 

      And we'll plant a tree in your name!

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