Good Gifts was founded on these six simple words. Six simple words that mean a lot to you, to us. 

DO GOOD   All of artisans we work with earn living incomes while building their businesses, preserving their artistry, and reinvesting in their communities. 

GIFT GOOD  We scoured the globe in search of well-made, sustainably sourced and eco-friendly gifts. And, of course, they had to look good too.  

FEEL GOOD  Every gift has a story. And you can feel good knowing your gift has a good one.  Read more about your gift’s impact. 


Hi! I'm Christine, the smiley face behind this website and the wrapped gifts you give and (hopefully!) receive. I often get asked how I came up with the idea for Good Gifts, so I figured I would give you a bit of a background and some info about me.

I believe the best ideas are born at the intersection of desires and frustrations, and that's exactly where Good Gifts was born.

After years of doing the corporate thing, I was ready for something a bit different. I thought about areas of my life that guided my interests, decisions, and behaviours. I quickly identified three drivers: 

  • my sense of wanderlust
  • quest to support others in the social enterprise space, and
  • desire to keep doing my own thing (I like to call myself a multi-preneur). 

But I was also driven by frustrations that kept bubbling to the surface in my own life (isn't that where a lot of the brilliant ideas come from?). Having moved from western Canada to Toronto, I was well aware of the limited options to send gifts across Canada. 

And, with two young kids and a typical Toronto house with little to no storage, I was also growing tired of TOO. MUCH. STUFF. More importantly, how that stuff was made.  I'm still a recovering fast-aholic (it's a constant work-in-progress), but I'm learning to slow down and be more thoughtful with my purchases including my gifting. So thoughtful, I decided to create a company that helps others do the same while helping marginalized populations create economic independence, preserve their craft, and build their communities.

What else do I believe in? Well, English Breakfast tea, prosecco, and ginger molasses cookies come to mind, but so do connection and customer service. Have a question? Need help picking out the perfect gift? Just want to say hello? Contact me and I'll be happy to help you out!