How We're Competing With Amazon Prime Day

Posted on July 15 2018

How We're Competing with Amazon Prime Day


You may have heard that Amazon, the largest online retailer in the world, is running its biggest promotion of the year with deals left and right on top of free and fast shipping (unless you’re a luddite, which would mean you aren’t reading this anyway). As one of the newest guys on the scene and the size of a grain of sand in their comparative universe, we asked ourselves what we could do to compete with Amazon Prime Day. Free shipping? Storewide sale? BOGO event? Gift with purchase? And then we came up with the best way to compete. We’re not. 

Wait, wait, wait. Does that mean we’re throwing in the towel? Giving up? It actually means the exact opposite. We know we can’t compete on price, on shipping speed, on shipping costs. We don’t have the buying power, the volume, the distribution channels. So if we try to compete on those things, we’re basically just driving ourselves out of business (and wouldn’t that be sad for you and for us?). 

But we do believe we have a few things the big guys don’t. We’ll even be bold enough to say there are some things they aren’t even very good at that we think we’ve nailed. 


1. Doing Good - You can feel good about every single purchase you make with us. You know that you’re doing good regardless of what you pick out. Not only are you supporting small and local (that’s us!), you’re supporting artisans around the world who are paid fairly for their handmade work and who consider the environmental impact when choosing their supplies, their tools and their processes.


2. Connection - No algorithms or artificial intelligence here recommending 10 other toilet seats when you log on because you needed ONE toilet seat that one time. It’s real people behind our brand. Real people who made the perfect gift you picked out. Real people whose story you can read more about here. It’s real people responding to your calls and emails, real people helping you pick out the perfect gift, real people wrapping the gift and writing out your personal message to your gift recipient. Real people doing a happy dance every time we make a sale. And when we say “we”, it’s in the royal sense. It’s usually one. This one


3. Bundling - One of the things that drove us CRAZY when picking out gifts to send to loved ones was that the big guys have distribution centres all over the country meaning that if you pick out a few different gifts, they all arrive separately, each often filled with unnecessary packaging and three times the carbon footprint. It makes sense to them logistically, but not to you. But, guess what—you’re also a tiny grain of sand in their universe. Oh, and don’t even get us started on how this affects their gift wrapping. Actually, do get us started. Keep on reading to #4. 


4. Complimentary Gift Wrap - So you’ve surfed though endless pages in search of a gift and you finally found a few things that work well together—maybe a book, a scarf and a pair of earrings. Great. They even offer gift wrapping. Wonderful. Oh wait, they charge per item for gift wrap. That’s at least $12 in gift wrapping charges. All of a sudden that free shipping doesn’t seem so free anymore. And as we’ve discovered in #3, they aren’t even going to arrive together. 

This was one of our biggest frustrations as well, so we decided to include gift wrapping on every purchase. You can even tell us if you want them wrapped separately or together, but we promise they will always arrive together!


5. Handwritten Card - What’s a present without a card? This is another area we think we have the other guy beat. With Good Gifts, you get a gorgeous card suitable for every occasion that can include a personalized, handwritten message from you. Okay, fine, it’s our handwriting and that might give you away, but can we agree it’s a bit nicer than a typed out note on a 1995 fax paper? Our cards also include the story of our brand and the artisans who made them taking the card from a sometimes necessary evil to a part of the gift that makes your gift recipient feel good and, in turn, you feel good because you totally nailed it.


So there you have it. Five ways we’re NOT competing with Amazon.

In fact, we’re so not competing with them, we're INCREASING our shipping prices on July 16th and 17th. Wait, WHAT?! Now you’re thinking we’re just crazy. Actually, it goes back to the #1 thing we’re good at and that’s Doing Good. On July 16th & 17th, we’re increasing our shipping from $9 to $12 and the difference will be donated to our cause of the month in honour of #PlasticFreeJuly. It's just another way we Do Good. Gift Good. Feel Good.

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