The Nature-Inspired Bohemian Gift Guide

Posted on November 10 2018

Gift Ideas for Her

Holiday Gift Guide For the Nature Inspired Bohemian

We're doing something a bit different this year. Rather than tell you what we think you should buy that special someone on the gift list, we decided to ask you!

Almost 200 of you told us not only what you look for when sending gifts, you told us what you love about receiving gifts and what's at the top of your gift wishlist this year. We also had some fun asking you what is the best gift you've ever received and presents that you wished hadn't been under the tree (but, boy, did they give us a few laughs).

Ironically, while you were telling us what kinds of gifts you like to receive and what you're hoping to see under the tree this year, you also told us that one of the biggest challenges you had when buying gifts for others was coming up with ideas. 

It was a no-brainer to put two and two together and share what people are wishing most for this year. The top 3 gifts people want are jewelry, books, and clothing/pajamas, which is a start to helping you out, but we thought we'd drill down and find out which items, in particular, are catching their eyes this year. 

We asked some of our really good gifters to share a few of their gifting secrets and also reveal what's at the top of their list this year. Although our expert gifters generally prefer to be on the giving side, we know they deserve to receive some great presents this year, as we all do!  

First up, we asked Kim, one of our favourite vintage loving, nature-inspired bohemian mama/artist from Edmonton and the owner of High Level Vintage Boutique, what inspires her gifting and what she'd love a little birdie to tell her friends and family she's wishing for this year.

Like many aspects of her life, Kim's gifting is inspired not only by her generous and caring spirit to acknowledge those who are in her thoughts and heart, but also by her passion for the arts, creativity, and sustainability. She believes the art of thoughtful gifting has not been lost, but has lost its way with the rise of consumerism and fast-fashion. So Kim has personally focused on making more mindful and minimalistic buying decisions, which continues to be a gift to herself, to others and the artisans she supports.

10 Questions with Kim

(and don't forget to scroll down to see what's on Kim's Christmas list this year):

1. What’s most important to you when choosing a gift? 

Asking myself, "does it suit them in a practical way?"

2. What do you like most about giving gifts? 

Acknowledging and doing something for someone else is more self beneficially than one would realize.
Kim Neeser

3. What is the best gift you’ve ever received?

My first art sketch book at 14.

4. What is your favourite gift to give?

Anything from Good Gifts [we swear we didn't make/pay her to say this!]

What goes into your gift giving decisions?

The person, what do I think they would truly appreciate, and is there a hand crafted element. I love to support other artists.

6. What led you to support Good Gifts?

The practice of acknowledging people through gifting (especially people I don’t see often because they live far away).

7. What does it mean to you to “buy ethical” and why is it important?

Buying ethically means supporting companies that care about labour standards, mother earth and humans. It's important because people and the earth are the most valuable things to me.

8. What advice would you give someone wanting to make better buying decisions?

Think consciously before buying. Have a plan and a why before buying something--less impulsive purchases; more informed ones. if it wasn’t on your list then, do you really need to accumulate it?

9. We’re not all perfect. What’s an area that you are working on with respect to social and/or environmental responsibility?

Hoarding and consumerism in general.

10. But we all have a super power. What's yours? 



So what's on Kim's wish list? 

Kim's Christmas Wishlist

Gift Guide for Nature Inspired Bohemian


1. Handmade Tropical Wood Coffee Scoop | $15

2. Indira Cascade Crystal Necklace | $48

3. Block Print Botanical Infinity Scarf | $34

4. Sustainable Brown Leather Hemingway Journal | $48

5. Momos Handwoven Brushed Wool Blanket | $198

6. Flower of Life Make-up Bag | $19

7. Terra Gold Hoop Earrings | $34

8. Multi-Wood Rectangle Serving Board | $65

9. Mina Robe | $115

See all the products

Considering Kim has some of her own amazing finds in her shop, we're pretty honoured so many Good Gifts made its way onto her list! Thanks for sharing with us, Kim!


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