End of Summer Bucket List

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Your Official End of Summer Bucket List

The middle of August is supposed to be the dog days of summer, where we lazily enjoy the zenith of the summer's heat, right? Or, if you live in a climate where there seems to be only two seasons--summer and winter (and one of those happens to be 8 or 9 months long), you start to panic:

"I need to make the most of the final weeks of summer!"

The irony of panicking to enjoy the relaxing summer days is not lost on us, so I thought we could make it a bit easier and offer up a list of a few ideas you can sneak in between work, camps, and back-to-school chaos to savour those sweet summer days.

'Cause a little bit of summer is what the whole year is all about."

- John Mayer


Host a BBQ

I know it can be impossible to find a night that works for everyone in the summer, especially with holidays and weekend trips, so I highly recommend the impromptu BBQ. What's that? Plan it hours before it happens. Put the call out to friends and find out who's free that evening. It seems counterintuitive if it's impossible to schedule a date ahead, but it almost always works better to plan last minute. 

Stressing about hosting? Make it easier on everyone by making it a potluck and keep it outside so the need to clean the house from top to bottom doesn't kill the fun. 

Here's another fun idea: This past week, friends and I stumbled upon the shared BBQ. My husband and I aren't chefs and I'm a picky eater. While my friend's husband is an amateur chef and they eat anything. Solution: we brought the food, he cooked it. It reduced the stress for all involved and allowed us to have a wonderful evening catching up as the kids climbed trees, played basketball, and complained about the food (because, kids).


Eat all the ice cream

Just do it. Don't even think twice. And the kids? Let them eat all the ice cream too. It covers two food groups, right? Convince them to get strawberry and you've got a third.                        


Visit all the farmers' markets

 After all the ice cream, visit a few markets to store up on fresh produce. In fact, stockpile them for the colder months. Here's a good article on what you can/should buy in bulk and freeze for the winter months. Just don't forget your tote bag!

Finish that book

Let's face it. Summer TV is bad. And even the shows on Netflix aren't the same when it's still bright out at 9 p.m. Take advantage of the light, get outside and finally finish that book that's been sitting on your bedside table because you're too tired to read it every night. 

(But not like this. This is weird...and highly uncomfortable)

Head to the water...and actually go in!

We all know the best way to beat the heat is jump in the water. You. Not your kids. You. Well, you and your kids. Get in the water. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah, most of us don't like how we look in a swimsuit. Guess what--your kids don't care how you look. Just jump in and enjoy. Or, if you're like me, slowly wade in to keep your hair dry and bob on a pool noodle while enjoying a Radler (my favourite is Steigl just an FYI if you're ever interested in sending me some). Whatever floats your boat (or you). 

If I can put a photo on the Internet of myself in a swimsuit, anyone can get in one to go swimming with their kids! :)


Catch An Outdoor Concert

I love going to concerts. In fact, my husband and I "met" (kinda--long story for another time) at a concert and decided to do a whole concert theme for our wedding including a merch and rider table. I'm not one to pass up a good concert, but I do find arena concerts have nothing on outdoor venues. 

My favourite concerts and venues have all been outdoors--from seeing Pearl Jam at Lollapalooza, Austin City Limits, and Wrigley Field (any guess on my favourite band?) to Kings of Leon, Lumineers, Foo Fighters, and Arcade Fire at Budweiser Stage (any guess on one of my favourite venues?)I always make sure to catch at least one outdoor concert every summer. 

Last night, we went to see Beck and Cage the Elephant, so that's one's checked off the list, but there's still a lot of summer and a lot of shows to get it checked off yours!


See the stars under the stars

What's better than curling up to watch a movie? Watching one outside! This one might be better geared at the night owls, as you have to wait until after sunset, but outdoor film festivals are popping up everywhere across the country to replace the drive-in experience. Best part: most of these are free and only require a picnic blanket or lawn chair. 

Better yet, there are a few options to help you check two activities off the list--The Open Roof Film Festival features a band AND a movie. Check and check.


Watch a Summer Sunset

While we seem to have an endless list of weather-related complaints living at such a northern latitude, the summer sun isn't one on it. Okay, it can be a pain in the butt to convince the kids it's bedtime when the sun is still shining, but hot, hazy days lead to pleasant evenings with the most glorious sunsets, so sit back, relax, and take it all in before those sunsets start happening before the workday is done.


Grab a drink...on the patio

Canadians love patios. We've been known to pick the al fresco option when the temperature rises above 0, but we get even more excited if the patio involves epic views, great eats, and fun atmospheres. Need a recommendation? Here is a list of fab patios across Canada. Did your city make the cut?

What did I miss? Let us know what's on your summer bucket list and what you're looking forward to with the arrival of fall!

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