Random Acts of Kindness Day: 50 Acts of Kindness

Posted on February 17 2019

Random Acts of Kindness


It’s World Kindness Day today! Since we’re always trying to do good, it’s the perfect opportunity to practice kindness through small acts.  

What are random acts of kindness? 

There are only two rules:  

  1. It should be random (that is, you don’t expect anything in return).
  2. It should be kind.
Looking at the two rules, the opportunities to do random acts of kindness are endless. 

As one of our acts of kindness, we’re helping get the creative juices flowing with a list of 50 acts of kindness that you can either do yourself or use as motivation for your own acts.

1. Send a text to a loved one to tell them how great they are.

2. Leave a bigger tip than normal at the coffee shop.

3. Write a letter (and actually send it!) to someone you care about who you haven’t seen in awhile.

4. Smile at a stranger.

5. Leave a kind post-it note on your bathroom mirror for the next person to use it to find.

6. Play with your kids.

7. Draw a hopscotch on your sidewalk.

8. Sidewalk covered in snow? Shovel it. 

9. Better yet, shovel your neighbour’s sidewalk.

10. Plug an expired parking meter.

11. Bake cookies for your neighbours.

12. Buy a coffee for someone.

13. Write an uplifting comment or compliment on someone’s Instagram post.

14. Slow down to let someone merge.

15. FaceTime your mom.

16. Give a grocery gift card to someone asking for change.

17. Leave a book behind on the bus with a note for the next person to enjoy.

18. Invite someone to go ahead of you in line at the store.

19. Send a small “just because” gift to someone you haven’t seen in awhile.

20. Set up a free hot chocolate station.

21. Say “yes” to your kids.

22. Write a positive online review. 

23. Walk a neighbour’s dog.

24. Give a stranger a compliment.

25. Pick up litter in your neighbourhood.

26. Donate gently used toys, clothes, and books to a women's shelter or newcomer organization.

27. Buy flowers from a local florist and deliver them to an elderly neighbour.

28. Ride your bike or walk.

29. Plan a scavenger hunt for your kids/neighbourhood kids.

30. Donate to charity.

31. Volunteer at a homeless shelter.

32. Pay for someone’s transit.

33. Hold the elevator.

34. Plant a tree.

35. Give a friend a shout out on Facebook and tell everyone why they’re great.

36. Put your phone away.

37. Buy a coffee/tea for someone who works outside.

38. Make your partner breakfast in bed.

39. Send a letter to a soldier.

40. Give up your seat on the bus/subway.

41. Watch the sunset/sunrise with someone you love.

42. High five a stranger.

43. Send a postcard.

44. Donate non-perishables to the food bank.

45. Drop off a healthy snack to a local fire hall or police station.

46. Write a thank you note.

47. Leave change in a vending machine.

48. Give someone a hug.

49. Have a dance party.

50. Be kind to yourself!

Christine LeLacheur
Recovering fast-aholic with a penchant for giving thoughtful gifts and doing good.

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